Who We Are


Founded in Coconut Creek, FL black palm security is a provider of cybersecurity consulting services with a focus on penetration testing, threat detection, vulnerability management, and compliance. Our mission is to be proactive,  intelligent, and secure in protecting your sensitive assets. We provide in-depth security assessments for small to medium-sized businesses across the country. Our certified professional engineers have years of experience identifying vulnerabilities, penetration testing, and proactively hunting for threats. With new security threats emerging every day, we understand the importance of securing your organization. We know the IT industry and how quickly technology can evolve. At, black palm security, we pride ourselves in staying abreast of the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures used by advanced adversaries to help keep your business secure. 



As we become more and more dependent on connectivity and applications, businesses must evolve and stay ahead of the game with innovative security practices. Cybersecurity threats will continue to challenge businesses of all sizes and it is critical for organizations to protect their assets and data. Our goal is to mitigate these attacks by helping you quickly detect and respond to threats utilizing our security assessment services. Let us partner with you to help identify weaknesses in your organization's security posture.


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